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Supported efforts to pass the "Preschool For All" bill making Illinois the first state to expand free quality preschool care to all children ages 3-5.


The Impact of our Programs

The McCormick Foundation invests in people, programs and services that improve our civic health. This, in turn, makes life better for our children, communities and country.

Some examples of what we’ve done:

  • Civics Program has dedicated nearly $2.9 million to programs that promote youth civic and engagement and volunteerism and $3 million to organizations that honor soldiers and veterans and their families;

  • Communities Program has raised over $23 million and made approximately 1,400 grants through the support of our 34 program partners in 23 communities throughout the U.S.

  • Education Program awarded over $74 million to early care and education between 1993-2006;

  • Journalism Program funding helped the Committee to Protect Journalists encourage Mexican President Vicente Fox to appoint a special prosecutor that is responsible for investigating crimes against freedom of expression in Mexico; and

  • Special Initiatives Program awarded the Chicago History Museum, Chicago’s oldest cultural institution, a $1 million dollar gift donation for an extensive renovation and the addition of new galleries and programming.