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Exhibit Educates Americans on Election Process

Abby Taylor

CHICAGO, November 8, 2007

Do you have what it takes to be the next president? A new interactive exhibit - Vote4Me! Inside a Presidential Election - puts visitors into the shoes of a presidential candidate. The exhibit opens at the Freedom Museum on Nov. 9 and runs through Nov. 9, 2008 – the week Americans hit the polls to select their new leader. To celebrate the opening of the Vote4Me! exhibit, the Freedom Museum will offer free admission through the end of 2007, as well as voter registration services throughout 2008.

With only two months before early caucuses and primaries, the Vote4Me! exhibit helps Americans and voters to understand the election process. Visitors get a behind-the-scenes perspective of the fast-paced campaign season by working their way from presidential hopeful to Commander in Chief.

"This is an opportunity for Americans to take a shot at being a leader of the free world," said Nathan Richie, director of exhibits, McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum. "By going through the election process first hand, we hope that visitors gain a better understanding of what goes into a campaign, which will ultimately help them make better decisions come the real presidential election in November 2008."

Upon entering the exhibit, visitors will meet their seasoned campaign staff that includes a campaign manager, political director, communications director and finance chair. The staff will advise on how to create a platform with popular appeal, win important swing states, sharpen political rhetoric and raise funds to fill campaign coffers.

Throughout the exhibit, visitors will have an opportunity to weigh in on key issues facing candidates today including taxes, Iraq war, global warming and same-sex marriage. Conversely, they will also see how those opinions impact their standing with the public and are used as fuel for debate.

Other exhibit components include:
  • 270 votes…and Counting: An interactive map that allows visitors to create scenarios for different electoral outcomes.
  • Briefing Room: Learn to develop a campaign image; polish political rhetoric; and launch successful attack ads that mimic that of past predecessors.
  • Countdown: This section allows visitors to get informed on the 2008 presidential candidates through computers linked to existing Web sites that explore candidates and issues. Once the research is complete, visitors have the opportunity to vote.
  • Resource Guide: Provide links to election-related Web sites.

Learn more about the election process by visiting our online exhibit at www.FreedomMuseum.US.

To help support the election process, the Freedom Museum will serve as a location to register voters. Now through the end of the year the museum will offer free admission and extended hours on Saturday, closing at 8 pm.

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