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McCormick Tribune Foundation Releases Latest Military – Media Conference Report

Media Alert

Contact: Kyle Bradbury


The McCormick Tribune Foundation released its most recent publication, "The Military-Media Relationship 2005: How the Armed Forces, Journalists and the American public view coverage of military conflict." This summary from the foundation’s August 2005 conference covers: • New developments in the military-media relationship in Iraq, with particular focus on the practice of embedding reporters; • Emerging technologies and the opportunities—and challenges—they pose for military leadership and journalists; • The results of a Gallup poll on how the American public views coverage of military issues. This report can be viewed online at www.mccormicktribune.org. The report’s content comes from a select group of experts who attended the eighth in a series of military-media conferences at the foundation’s Cantigny estate in Wheaton, Ill.


The report can be downloaded at www.mccormicktribune.org. To obtain a copy free of charge, contact Kyle Bradbury at 312-222-3188 or kbradbury@tribune.com.


Since 1992, the McCormick Tribune Foundation’s military-media conferences have provided senior journalists and flag-rank military officers the opportunity to address the latest stresses and strains in their relationship and to better understand each other’s challenges. This initiative carries on Col. McCormick’s legacy as both military officer and journalist, and is one of many ways that the foundation furthers its commitment to our children, communities and country.

About the McCormick Tribune Foundation

The McCormick Tribune Foundation is one of the nation’s largest charitable organizations, with combined assets of approximately $1.4 billion. In 2004, the foundation approved the distribution of more than $109 million to invest in children, communities and our country in an effort to strengthen our democratic society through innovative partnerships. The foundation was established as a charitable trust upon the death of Col. Robert R. McCormick, longtime editor and publisher of the Chicago Tribune. The foundation is an independent nonprofit, separate from Tribune Co., with substantial holdings in Tribune Co. For more information, visit http://www.mccormicktribune.org/.