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The foundation believes creating a strong society requires community involvement whether through donations or volunteering.

About the Foundation

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance the ideals of a free, democratic society by investing in our children, communities and country.

We believe civic health is not only essential to building the real power of society, it is the Foundation. For this reason, civic health is our common purpose. It unites all aspects of the McCormick Foundation’s work, from investments in human services, journalism, civics, veterans and early childhood education, to investments that deliver programs and services to hundreds of thousands of people through Cantigny – our public park – and the Foundation’s two museums.

Philanthropy has always been about believing that a better life is possible. The power of our approach lies in our partnerships, our program and facility integration, and our passion to serve. We strive to be a catalyst for change. Every action we take is intended to inspire meaningful dialogue and deliver results that will improve our country’s civic health and make things better for our children, our communities and our country for years to come.


For more than 50 years, the McCormick Foundation has been serving the needs of our children, communities and country. As one of the nation’s largest public charities, we’ve granted more than $1 billion to organizations in local communities across the country.

The Foundation is more than just a grantmaking organization. We fundraise and offer many programs and services to the public through Cantigny, our 500-acre park and golf course in Wheaton, Ill.; our two museums: First Division Museum at Cantigny and the Robert R. McCormick Museum at Cantigny; and our civic outreach initiatives.

In 2005, the Foundation raised more than $9.4 million from nearly 47,000 as part of the Foundation’s Hurricane Katrina Relief Campaign. The Foundation matched the first $2 million raised at 50 percent and covered all administrative costs.