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Areas of Support

The Journalism Program funds a wide variety of activities that support our mission, including educational programs and publications, fellowships, monitoring, research, advocacy and training. Generally, these activities are targeted toward leaders and opinion leaders in journalism and seek to make substantial and enduring change.  Areas of support include:

We fund programs that ensure our citizenry has access to quality news content by providing resources to journalists and supporting new sources of quality journalism. For example:

  • Training: Help strengthen the quality and depth of journalism through Specialized Reporting Institutes and other initiatives.
  • Conferences: Provide the forum for leaders and reporters to discuss key issues, ranging from national security to climate change.
  • Content/distribution partnerships: Strengthen organizational and educational training through partnerships with universities and local journalism organizations.
  • Investigative journalism: Enhance quality coverage of issues through local and national initiatives.

Grow the audience that appreciates and understands news, while encouraging innovative ways of engaging undeserved audiences.

  • Youth media programs: Help young people produce, understand and better appreciate the news process.
  • Teacher training: Increase news and media literacy skills through scholastic journalism programs.  
  • News literacy programs: Pave the way for audience engagement through news literacy training and curriculum.
  • New audience development: Help underserved audience members better access, analyze and understand news and information.

Promote the virtues of free press and support the legal rights of journalists.

  • First Amendment: Promote the importance of news media in a democratic society.
  • Freedom of information: Help reporters and citizens access critical public information.
  • Transparency: Encourage government openness and accountability.
  • Protecting Rights: Provide legal defense for journalists.