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  1. Who is on the Foundation’s Journalism Program staff?
    Clark Bell, Program Director
    Mark Hallett, Senior Program Officer
    Janet Liao, Program Officer
    Aaron Smith, Administrative Officer - General Fund

  2. How can I obtain a copy of the Foundation’s annual report or get information about the Journalism Program?

    To receive a copy of the foundation’s annual report or to get more information about the journalism program, visit the publications section of our web site, call or write:

    McCormick Foundation
    Journalism Program
    205 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 4300
    Chicago, IL 60601
    Telephone: 312-445-5063     
    E-mail: info@mccormickfoundation.org
    Fax: 312-445-5163

  3. Who was Col. Robert R. McCormick?
    Until his death in 1955, Col. Robert R. McCormick was the editor and publisher of the Chicago Tribune. He built the Tribune Company from a single newspaper into a major media organization of newspapers, radio and television stations and newsprint manufacturing companies. McCormick played a major role in American journalism during the first half of the 20th century and was a strong supporter of First Amendment freedoms.

  4. What does the Foundation fund besides journalism?
    The McCormick Foundation is committed to fostering communities of educated, informed and engaged citizens. In addition to journalism and the First Amendment, the McCormick Foundation invests in other areas of work to advance this mission— early childhood education, youth civic engagement, assistance for disadvantage communities, and serving veterans. Also, a big part of our mission is sustaining the wonderful parks, gardens, golf course and museums at Col. McCormick’s former estate at Cantigny Park, in Wheaton, Ill.

  5. What is the relationship between the McCormick Foundation and the Tribune Company?
    The McCormick Foundation is an independent public charity, separate from the Tribune Company. However, the McCormick Foundation and the Tribune organization do share a common legacy: the life and work of Col. Robert R. McCormick.

  6. What do I need to include with my letter of inquiry (LOI)?
    Initially, we require a brief (2-3 page) letter written on official letterhead (or containing the legal name of your organization (as approved by the IRS). This letter should include a description of your proposed project, how it addresses the Foundation’s strategies, the desired outcome, an estimated budget and the amount of funding you are seeking. Send this by mail or e-mail to:

    McCormick Foundation
    Attn: Journalism Program
    205 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 4300
    Chicago, IL 60601

    If we decide to request a full proposal, you will be contacted for additional information. If the LOI is declined, you will receive written notification.

  7. What kind of activities don’t you fund?
    McCormick Foundation’s Journalism Program generally does not fund:

    • Production or distribution of TV or radio programming or documentaries
    • Scholarships for university studies
    • Grants to individuals
    • Personal research