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The McCormick Foundation Journalism Program seeks to develop a more informed, news-literate and engaged citizenry by investing in relevant and quality content, educating news audiences and protecting press freedom.

The McCormick Foundation believes nothing is more critical to the vitality of a democracy than a  free, vigorous and diverse news media, providing citizens the information they need to make reasoned decisions. With the rapid evolution of news media and the inundation of news and information sources, it's more important than ever to develop intelligent consumers of news. Today, the McCormick Foundation seeks to develop a more informed, news-literate and engaged citizenry by investing in relevant, quality content, educating news audiences to understand and appreciate the value of news content, and protecting First Amendment freedoms.

The founder and benefactor of the McCormick Foundation, Robert R. McCormick, was a firm and passionate advocate of journalism and the First Amendment, especially the Freedom of Press. As a result, journalism is one of the major priorities of the McCormick Foundation.

Col. McCormick spoke widely on the role of the press in a democratic society, had quotes declaring the importance of press freedom inscribed in marble throughout the lobby of the Tribune Tower and even bankrolled the landmark Near v. Minnesota case that established that prior restraint of the press by the government violates the First Amendment. McCormick was the long-time editor and publisher of the Chicago Tribune until his death in 1955.

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