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Publications and Products
If you have any questions regarding these products, please contact Lindsay Alvis at 312.222.8689 or LAlvis@mccormickfoundation.org

Ten Things Every Child Needs– (video)
The "Ten Things Every Child Needs" video is no longer available through the McCormick Foundation. If you are interested in ordering, reproducing or distributing large quantities of the video or DVD, please call Consumer Vision at 1-800-756-8792 and ask for David Kuperschmid.

Ten Things Every Child Needs – (brochure)
The Ten Things Every Child Needs brochure is currently not available. Please check again for an opportunity to order this brochure highlighting a parents’ role in child development.

Re-Visioning Articulation: Linkages in the Continuum of Students' Success
This report examines the issue of continuing education for those who work in the early childhood field. Studies show that there are many benefits to children whose early childhood practitioners have more education, and this report suggests ways to encourage practitioners to go back to school as well as ways in which their school experience can be improved.
Download a PDF of the report (no hard copies available)