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  1. Can I get a grant to support my childcare center/family childcare home or school?
    The Foundation does not fund individual childcare centers or family childcare homes or schools. However, they may benefit indirectly because many of our grantees do provide one-on-one assistance to these providers. For information about childcare subsidies, contact Action for Children at (312) 823-1100.

  2. How do I order videos/brochures?
    For more information on how to order, please go to our Publications & Products page

  3. Does the Foundation have Ten Things Every Child Needs in Spanish?
    The Ten Things Every Child Needs video is not available in Spanish. However, the Mis Padres, Mis Maestros/My Parents, My Teachers video provides similar information for Spanish-speaking parents.

  4. Are there any internship opportunities available at the Foundation?
    No, currently there are no internship opportunities available at the Foundation. If you would like more information about jobs in the field of philanthropy, contact the Donors Forum of Chicago at 312/578-0090 or visit www.donorsforum.org. For national philanthropic job opportunities, visit the Council on Foundations’ Web site at www.cof.org.

  5. If I received a grant through another Foundation program, can I still apply for a grant from the Education Program?
    If your project fits within our guidelines, you are welcome to submit a letter of inquiry that outlines your project. Read more in our Grantseekers section.

  6. What is the relationship between Tribune Company and the McCormick Foundation?
    The McCormick Foundation is an independent public charity, separate from the Tribune Company. However, the McCormick Foundation and the Tribune organization do share a common legacy: the life and work of Col. Robert R. McCormick.