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The Communities Program makes grants ONLY through its program partners. Nonprofit organizations operating in the metropolitan areas where our partners are located may be eligible to apply for a Communities Program grant. Some locations contain only one program partner (Ft. Lauderdale), while other cities have multiple partners (Chicago and Denver). If your organization is not located in one of these areas, it will not be eligible for a Communities Program grant.

Local Giving, Guidelines, and Contacts
The Foundation has created with each partner one or more funds for which dollars are raised from the public and matched by the Foundation at 50 percent. Each fund has separate giving guidelines which reflect the priorities of the Foundation and the local partner, and local community needs.
Contacting Program Partners

  1. Make sure your nonprofit organization is in an area which the Communities Program operates.

  2. Check guidelines for the fund(s) located there to see if your organization's programs fit within any of the stated guidelines. Click here for partner list grant guidelines.

  3. If your organization meets the guidelines, contact the local fund representative whose fund guidelines most closely match those of your organization.

Please note that local fund representatives differ in how they wish to be contacted.
Some ask that nonprofit organizations first complete a Communities Program application form. Others prefer a short letter of inquiry or a preliminary telephone call. Please refer to the individual guidelines for each fund to learn how to best contact the program partners in your area.

Application Process
If, after your initial contact, the fund representatives would like to consider your funding request, you’ll receive an application form. All nonprofit organizations seeking Communities Program funding must complete an application form. Applications then go through a two-step review process first through the local fund representative and then through the staff and board of the foundation.

The McCormick Foundation Board of Directors retains final authority to review and approve or decline all Communities Program grants.