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  1. Can my nonprofit organization apply to the Communities Program for support?
    It depends on where your organization is located and what programs it provides. Please refer to the Grantseekers section of this web site for information on how to apply for a Communities Program grant.

  2. Is the Communities Program accepting new partners?
    In an effort to manage program growth, we are not currently accepting new program partners.

  3. How large is the typical Communities Program grant?
    Communities Program grants generally range from $5,000 to $50,000.

  4. What is the relationship between Tribune Company and the McCormick Foundation?
    The McCormick Foundation is an independent public charity, separate from the Tribune Company. However, the McCormick Foundation and the Tribune organization do share a common legacy: the life and work of Col. Robert R. McCormick.

  5. My local newspaper is a Communities Program partner. A favorable article about my nonprofit agency appeared recently in the paper, but my grant application to the newspaper's fund was declined. Why?
    The Foundation is an independent nonprofit, completely separate from the Tribune Co.